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  • Alien 1:1 Facehugger Replica Neca - Official
    Aliens Foam Replica 1/1 Facehugger 105 cm Replicas: 1/1 Alien As seen in the 1986 horror classic Aliens, this full-sized replica measures nearly 3 and 1/2 feet long and has a bendable tail, so you can pose it anywhere? waiting to drop on unsuspecting prey from above, even attached to your face. The Life Size Facehugger is made of detailed, hand-painted foam - perfect for costuming or decoration!
  • Batman (1989) 1:1 Batarang Prop Replica Neca - Official
    Batman (1989) Life Size Prop Replica Batarang “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” Introducing NECA’s first release from its DC Prop Replica line, the Batarang from the 1989 film, Batman. Own one of the Dark Knight’s most iconic tools in serving justice across Gotham City. The Batarang measures 7″ long with articulated hinges and magnets, allowing it to open and close. Also included is a display base for exhibiting in your own personal Bat Cave.
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Life Size Prop Replica Stunt Puppet Neca - Official
    E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 1:1 Scale Replica E.T. Stunt Puppet 91 cm Dolls E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial An almost life size re-creation of the E.T. Puppet as he appeared in the beloved 1982 film. This foam rubber and latex figure stands nearly 91 cm tall and is hand painted with lifelike detail. This amazing sculpture is a must have for E.T. Fans and makes for a great centerpiece of your collection.
  • Ghostbusters Slimer Life-Size Foam Figure Prop Replica Neca – Official
    Ghostbusters Slimer Life Size Foam Prop Replica Figure Neca Add a delightfully spooky touch to any room with a large scale replica of everyone’s favourite non-terminal repeating phantasm! This actual size foam Slimer replica figure is based on the 1984 Ghostbusters movie and was re-created from original movie moulds. The figure measures 3 feet tall and is made of foam rubber and latex that’s carefully hand-painted for realistic detail. Ships in one box, some assembly required.
  • Gremlins 1/1 Gizmo Mogwai Gizmo Puppet Replica Trick or Treat - Official
    Gremlins Prop Replica 1/1 Gizmo Puppet 25 cm Dolls Gremlins Trick or Treat Studios and Warner Bros. are proud to present the officially licensed Gizmo Puppet Prop. This amazing Gizmo Puppet was designed by Russ Lukich using who used an original Gizmo form as reference. Absolutely every detail of Gizmo is present in this incredible hand puppet. From his dimensions to his hair, this is as close as you'll ever come to having the actual Gizmo Prop in hand. Gizmo stands approx. 25 cm tall.
  • Gremlins 1/1 Stripe Mogwai Puppet Replica Trick or Treat Studios - Official
    Gremlins Prop Replica 1/1 Stripe Mogwai Puppet 25 cm Trick Or Treat Studios And Warner Bros. Are Proud To Present The Officially Licensed Stripe Mogwai Puppet Prop. This Amazing Stripe Puppet Was Designed By Russ Lukich Who Used An Original Stripe Form As Reference. Absolutely Every Detail Of Stripe Is Present In This Incredible Hand Puppet. From His Dimensions To His Hair, This Is As Close As Youll Ever Come To Having The Actual Stripe Prop In Hand. Product Dimensions: Height (From Top Of Ears To Toes): 10 Inches Width (From Hand To Hand): 7 Inches Depth: 3 1/2 Inches
  • Gremlins 2 1/1 Flasher Gremlin Stunt Puppet Replica Neca - Official
    75 cm Own an authentic, full-size replica of the Flasher Gremlin stunt puppet from Gremlins 2: The New Batch! This hand-painted rubber and latex figure stands nearly 30" tall and features a fabric trench coat and removable sunglasses, all entirely faithful to Flasher´s on-screen wardrobe in the movie. Comes complete with a metal display stand.
  • Gremlins 2 1:1 Brown Gremlin Stunt Puppet Replica Neca - official
    Gremlins 2 Replica 1/1 Gremlin Stunt Puppet 75 cm Dolls Gremlins From the film ´Gremlins 2: The New Batch´ comes this authentic prop replica of a Gremlin stunt puppet. The handpainted rubber and latex replica stands approx. 75 cm tall. It is cast directly from an original film used prop and comes with a custom metal display stand.
  • Saw Billy Puppet Prop Replica Trick Or Treat Studios - Official
    Saw Prop Replica Billy Puppet 119 cm "I want to play a game" Billy appears in the cult horror movies built around the SAW franchise. He appears to be a ventriloquist's dummy and is used by the villain of the films jigsaw Officially licensed "Saw" Billy Puppet Prop. It has a wire frame enclosed in a polyfoam body making him fully posable and stands approx. 119 cm tall from head to toe.
  • The Conjuring 1/1 Annabelle Prop Replica Doll Trick or Treat - Official
    The Conjuring Prop Replica 1/1 Annabelle Doll 102 cm Dolls Conjuring, The Trick or Treat Studios and Warner Bros are proud to present the Officially Licensed The Conjuring - One to One Scale Annabelle Doll. This amazing prop was sculpted by Mark Anthony, the absolute King of replica movie props and owner of The Scary Closet. Every detail of the screen used Annabelle Doll is represented in this prop. The head, hands and shoulders are made in injection vinyl for ultimate durability and accuracy. The body of the Doll is made in polyurethane flexible foam with an ultra strong wire frame so that you can pose your Doll anyway you want. The eyes, feet and all the connectors are made in ABS thermoplastic polymer the ultimate in durability. The Doll comes fully clothed and Annabelle is holding her Miss Me parchment paper in her right hand. The Doll stands 102 cm tall and comes in beautiful full color Collectors Window Box. Now you can have your very own Annabelle Doll. You'll swear that the screen used Doll is in your arms.