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    Batman Arkham Origins 1/3 Deathstroke Statue Exclusive Prime 1 Studio - Official
    Batman Arkham Origins 1/3 Statue Deathstroke Exclusive 76 cm Statues Batman Prime 1 Studio is proud to present MMDC-04 Deathstroke from the Batman Arkham Origins. Part of an experimental super-soldier program where he gained enhanced strength, agility, healing factor and intelligence. Deathstroke became a mercenary and rapidly gained a reputation as one of the world's greatest assassins. When Batman defeated Deathstroke, he finally earned his respect and Deathstroke would devote all of his energy into killing him. Accessories include : -One (1) Switchable Right regular arm -One (1) Switchable Right arm holding Assault rifle -One (1) Switchable Right arm holding Ballistic Staff -One (1) Switchable Left fist holding Ninjato Sword -One (1) Switchable Left fist The Exclusive Version also includes a Left Fist holding the Batman Cowl Limited to just 750 pieces worldwide.


  • Mortal Kombat X 1/3 Mileena Mixed Media Statue Pop Culture Shock - Official
    Mortal Kombat X Mixed Media Statue 1/3 Mileena 71 cm Statues Mortal Kombat PCS is proud to present it's 1:3 scale mixed media statue of Mileena. No expense is spared on the PCS third scale line, and Mileena is no exception. Based on her appearance in Mortal Kombat X, Mileena is now the sole surviving heir of Shao Kahn and vying for the throne of Outworld, as reflected in her display base of glowing molten lava. Her fuchsia halter top and apron are constructed from real fabric, her pair of sharpened metal dagger-like sais covered in the blood of Kotal Kahn's followers. And of course she comes with two heads, John Tobias' take on the Veil Myth, one masked and one with a Tarkatan mouth bulging with over-sized teeth. Fair warning, she is a polystone rendering so sensual it's bound to leave observers with confusing thoughts. Product Size: 71 cm Limited to 300 pieces only!